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For more than 15 years, SK BROTHERS Travels has earned a solid reputation as a travel agency and tour operator. We have been working with the diplomatic corps, multinational corporations, NGOs, and other highly regarded companies both inside and outside of Pakistan thanks to our office’s great location in the heart of Islamabad adjacent to the Diplomatic Enclave.


SK BROTHERS Transport has a long experience providing transportation services in all forms. The business was started before India was divided, when our ancestors were transporting products from and to Rawalpindi to Siri Nagar in Kashmir.


Customers are drawn to SK BROTHERS Travels & Tours because of their low-cost flights to their destinations. You can use a custom search on our official website to find the cheapest flights from Lahore, Pakistan to anywhere in the world. In fact, we believe in quality travel, and it is our goal to offer and provide the best flights, accommodations, and transportation services to our customers in every travel plan we have for them.

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SK BROTHERS Travel & Tours Agency offers premier, all-inclusive professional travel services. Flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and other ancillary needs can all be confirmed on the spot.

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SK BROTHERS Travels & Tours has been hard at work by leading the whole Pakistan Travel Industry for the past few years despite a continuous and enormous rise in client demands. There are some illuminating and sensible reasons why our clients recover and are utterly delighted with our travel services. Because we allowed them to depart completely content and happy, they also refer to us as Karachi’s best travel agency. We promise you the most affordable and excellent flights on the most reputable airlines in the world, and you can confirm the prices by comparing our offers with those of other airlines serving your destination.

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You can take advantage of SK BROTHERS travel & tour packages to discover Pakistan’s rich cultural variety. You will be reminded of the impact that several civilizations have had on this area when you visit these historical sites in Pakistan. Additionally, you can sample delectable foods that have been influenced by various global civilizations.


With SK BROTHERS Travels, you may give yourself the freedom to experience every moment while travelling the globe! Anytime, everywhere, our helpful staff can assist you in finding the most affordable airline tickets (fares) for your domestic and international journeys! In order to become your top choice for international travel, SK BROTHERS Travels is working really hard. Our team may be able to find the best rates for your upcoming trip because to our strong and long-standing relationships with the top airlines and carriers throughout the world.

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Our completely deployable medical services are unmatched in their ability to return our soldiers to the hospital of their choice in their home country from anywhere in the world. Global COVID-19 transit is included in this.


Over 240,000 hotels and accomodation options are available through SK BROTHERS Travels in more than 60 different locations. You will receive assistance from our knowledgeable and skilled employees in locating the finest offer in the appropriate area. We have the ideal hotel offer for you that is suited to your needs, whether you are travelling on short notice, with a family, or need a hotel for business.

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SK BROTHERS Travel Agency offers premier, all-inclusive professional travel services. Flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and other ancillary needs can all be confirmed on the spot.

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We establish a high bar for client satisfaction while offering travel-related services to a variety of domestic and international businesses. Our staff members are knowledgeable and skilled in customer service, so they will be able to provide services to your complete pleasure at the most reasonable prices. Our clientele, which includes some of the most esteemed national and worldwide organisations, attests to the quality of our expertly rendered services.


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Our knowledgeable and skilled employees are capable of creating itineraries with many options that are specifically catered to our clients’ needs when travelling to any location in the world. Please see a list of some of our best locations below. We are experts in numerous additional locations. To contact us, simply email or dial our number.



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Turkey is more than just the stereotypical notion of a “bridge between East and West”; rather, it is a captivating blend of the exotic and the familiar. It blends elements from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and Central Asia. Since the beginning of recorded history, it has been invaded and colonised from every direction. Mosques cohabit with churches, Roman theatres and temples crumble close to ancient Hittite settlements, and gypsy festivals and dervish rituals are as much a part of society as classical music performances or football games. Cruises From thrilling Indus River excursions to cultural and historical Nile River tours. From Mediterranean Cruises to Far Eastern Exotic Cruises. from romantic cruises to vacation cruises in Dubai and Oman.



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Dubai is one of the few cities in the world to have had such a quick metamorphosis, going from a modest beginning as a centre for pearl diving to one of the cities with the fastest population growth. Dubai has established itself as a major centre for trade, tourism, and logistics, earning the title of “gateway between the east and the west.” It is additionally regarded as the vibrant centre of the Arabian Gulf region. Dubai offers many attractions. It boasts a good education system and healthcare facilities, contemporary infrastructure, and much more. It is safe, politically stable, and conveniently placed. The retail and leisure facilities are superb, and the sun shines practically daily.



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Thailand is a wonderful country with amazing islands, magnificent Buddhist temples, and unusual fauna. Thailand stands out as a must-visit travel destination thanks to its fascinating history, distinctive culture, mouthwatering cuisines, and restorative treatments. Thailand is known for its warm and welcoming people. Don’t forget to participate in Thailand’s lively and colourful festivals and events while you’re there. Numerous Thai holidays are observed with great fervour and excitement each month. You can engage in a variety of daring activities, from hot air ballooning to kiteboarding, all of which promise an exhilarating and unique experience. Thailand is a genuinely amazing country, rich in amazing natural, historical, and cultural attractions.

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I had never taken a trip with SK BROTHERS Travel & Tours before. The company specialises on knowledgeable-led gulet and cultural trips of Europe. The group is small, the lodging is pleasant, and the food is fantastic. Our knowledgeable tour guide was excellent – passionate, instructive,...

Omer Khalid Treveller

Excellent service with appropriate follow-up. Service was delivered on time and without incident; we appreciate SK Brothers Tours and Travels for our help.

Danial Sheikh Treveller

The top travel company. The agency did a fantastic job at timing and planning. Three-star hotels also provided excellent lodging. It was a fair deal, the package. We appreciate you, SK Brothers Travel & Tour bud.

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Zain Malik Treveller
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